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Paper shoes

October 20, 2010

Jennifer Collier paper shoes

map shoes

pattern shoes

pattern baby shoes

source: Jennifer Collier

via: Made by hand











Cute birds

May 9, 2010

Some really cute birds are flying on web :-)

Who makes them? : Lauren Alane

via: Decor Demon

Flower pots

May 7, 2010

If you like flowers as I do you know that there are never enough pots and that after a while you want to change them, because they become ugly, specially if they are placed outside home. Here are some ideas.

POTS ‘N’ BAGS by Meta&Renate

do not shake vase – source: Yanko Design

rice bags, by Recycle Recycle via cocomale

flower pot by Biome Lifestyle made of recycle tyres

Or you can just use a flower pot wrap or a pot cover

by The Cotton Potter

by  Funtific

Flower Arrangements

April 22, 2010

We can use simple everyday stuff to make pretty arrangements

and use spices as well

source: wohnidee

How to Avoid Being Creative

April 22, 2010

1. Follow a routine every day, all the time, with everything you do.
2. Stick to what you already know.
3. Assume that your way of thinking is always right.
4. Only pretend to listen to other people’s ideas.
5. Believe that creativity cannot be learned.
6. Play it safe, avoid risks.
7. Ensure that you are never wrong.
8. Always think logically.
9. Critique while creating, not after.
10. Constantly copy other people’s ideas.
11. Believe that creativity is work, not fun.
12. Spend an irrational amount of time thinking about an idea before acting on it.
13. Never write down your ideas.
14. Do what has been proven to work, always.
15. Listen to the same genre of music and read the same types of books.
16. Pretend not to care about anything.
17. Remind yourself daily that you are not creative.
18. Never seek out creative inspiration.
19. Forget about observing the world around you.
20. Simply don’t think.

source: creative something

Best price list

April 20, 2010

My neighbours has a special price list placed on their house. I pass there almost every day and I smile whenever I see it.

sea view – 0,30€

a breath of fresh air – 0,20€

admiring wisteria – 0,20€

smelling fishes – 0,30€

good mood 0,5L – 0,28€

mosquito bite – 0,15€

reading price list – 0,10€


Workspace Inspirations

April 18, 2010

Natural light is always the best choice in the workspace. Adore all the windows around and all the long tables, to have enough space to do different things – like some kind of multitasking. Different chairs and a sofa are obligatory :-)

Architect table for important projects.

A small workspace in the corner of a room. Well organized in one big sideboard.

A reading room beside the working space. Perfect.

Really well-organized shelfs helps to do things faster – you find what you are searching for anytime you need.

images: Douglas Friedman

Interior Inspirations

April 16, 2010

I really like the mix and match of different styles of furniture

chic and simple

rustic kitchen

colourful sofa

modular sofa

rustic furniture and vintage accessories

simple home office

intimately office corner


original storage

source: Livingetc

Design blogs

April 10, 2010

50 of the world’s best design blogs, Lynne Robinson

“Do you aspire to something more original than a generic Ikea-filled home?

These blogs are full of inspired home-styling ideas, suggestions of how to support small-scale, affordable designers selling handmade items and vintage and modern homeware, as well as tips for upcycling old furniture.

This list does not cover architecture or wedding design and is a small selection from the thousands of blogs focusing on interiors, graphic and product design. All post regularly and have a strong identity with original content.”

1. Apartment Therapy Every aspect of interior design is covered in this American mega-blog, with the useful option of posing your design dilemmas to its readers.

2. Design Sponge With a book in the works, Design Sponge includes readers’ DIY ‘before and afters’ and inspiring house tours.

3. The Selby Uber-cool photographs of creative people in their living spaces, taken by photographer Todd Selby.

4. Desire to Inspire Interiors inspiration galore, co-written on different continents by an Australian and a Canadian.

5. Oh Joy! Stylish selections which complement the cool aesthetic of the writer’s own successful stationery range.

6. Decor8 All-round comprehensive design blog written by an American living in Hannover, Germany.

7. Poppytalk Vancouver-based blog with a marketplace for independent designers.

8. Emma’s Design Blog Scandinavian style from a Stockholm-based design enthusiast.

9. Creature Comforts Featuring Flickr favourites and promoting handmade design, this blog’s layout is itself a visual treat.

10. SF Girl by Bay Bohemian chic from San Francisco-based Victoria Smith, a former art dealer.

11. Design is Mine A perfectly picked selection of art and design from independent designers worldwide.

12. Young House Love Interiors advice, DIY and moodboards from a young couple renovating their own home.

13. Bloesem Kuala Lumpar-based writer Irene also has an offshoot blog featuring child-specific design.

14. Swiss Miss Unique ideas and products picked by a Swiss graphic designer living in New York.

15. Print and Pattern Popular British blog focusing on colourful surface pattern design.

16. Grain Edit Mid-century inspired graphic design.

17. Frolic! Relaxed style from a Portland-based floral stylist.

18. Lobster and Swan Hastings design muse Jeska shares her photography and vintage-styled vignettes from her home.

19. This is Glamorous Consistently classy selections with a high glamour factor.

20. Dos Family Photographer Jenny Brandt’s aspirational home tours feature stylish Swedish families.

21. Design for Mankind Featuring edgy graphic and product design, this blog has a brilliant video series highlighting issues facing creative freelancers.

22. Sweet Paul Craft and styling ideas from New York-based food and prop stylist Paul Lowe.

23. Daydream Lily Her other life – dreamy images selected by Melbourne-based research scientist Liss Winnel.

24. Pia Jane Bijkerk Unique content from an Australian prop stylist and author living in Amsterdam.

25. Wee Birdy Incredibly cohesive: London shopping and birds-inspired design, authored by an Australian magazine writer living in London.

26. Coco & Kelley Trend watch from a Seattle-based interior and events stylist with a penchant for elegant glamour.

27. A Field Journal Visual eye candy featuring this talented student’s own photography and craft projects.

28. Bliss Photographer Mrs French’s ‘I heart Monday’ wishlist is a weekly highlight.

29. Fine Little Day Quirky Scandinavian style from a Swedish designer and photographer.

30. Oh Hello Friend Beautifully-designed and curated posts from a graphic and jewellery designer.

31. Making it Lovely Feminine favourites, independent design and home decoration.

32. Mint Design, art and more from graphic designer Ellie Snow, with an interesting recent series on adapting to a freelance lifestyle.

33. Home Shopping Spy Technically the blog of Ideal Home magazine run on the writer’s sparky comment.

34. The Design Files Melbourne homes, shops and design.

35. The City Sage California-based Anne Sage’s features include seasonally-themed styling and book reviews.

36. Oh So Beautiful Paper Wedding invitations and inventive stationery ideas.

37. Modish Portland-based champion of indie designers.

38. Simplesong Design favourites with a clean and simple quality.

39. Katy Elliott New England-inspired selections from an ex-Domino writer.

40. Chez Larsson The interiors and craft projects of a Stockholm family home.

41. Please Sir Vintage purchases to covet and more from a North Carolinian designer.

42. Delight by Design Glamorous interiors and classy styling ideas

43. Brooklyn Limestone The renovation of a traditional Brooklyn limestone townhouse.

44. Oliveaux A Brisbane-based interior designer shares her passion.

45. Nestled In Home renovation and thrifty finds from Finland.

46. Automatism The daily visual inspirations of a Canadian illustrator.

47. Pillar Box Post London style and observations from an American ex-pat.

48. Design Squish Design blog with an emphasis on nature, sustainability and eco issues.

49. The Fabric of my Life Musings and photo collages from a London interior stylist.

50. Lovely Clusters Pretty design finds chosen by a Hawaiian-based graphic designer.
via: sfgirlbybay

Books online

April 10, 2010


via: james merrell