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Evening sun

May 21, 2010

marvelous feelings watching the evening sun on the sea





Flower pots

May 7, 2010

If you like flowers as I do you know that there are never enough pots and that after a while you want to change them, because they become ugly, specially if they are placed outside home. Here are some ideas.

POTS ‘N’ BAGS by Meta&Renate

do not shake vase – source: Yanko Design

rice bags, by Recycle Recycle via cocomale

flower pot by Biome Lifestyle made of recycle tyres

Or you can just use a flower pot wrap or a pot cover

by The Cotton Potter

by  Funtific

My Dog

May 3, 2010

In the morning was raining and it seemed that the day would be just rainy and noisy, but… in the evening the sun came from clouds and I took some pics of my dog EKO.

Lovely Gray Squirrel

April 23, 2010

lovely pic !


My cactus has flowers this year (again) II.

April 20, 2010

Photo of my cactus with full flower. It’s a joy.

Eruption in Eyjafjallajökull

April 18, 2010


Today’s walk before lunch

April 5, 2010

I took a half hour walk before lunch. It was a cloudy weather, but fresh air and a little of loneliness is a good thing from time to time.

žički grobeljnik alias alyssum montanum subsp. pluscanescens (Raimann ex Baumg) Trpin




part of sawmill



Road sign with the name of place where the sawmill is situated and with the sign “Welcome” in background


April 4, 2010

Today we went on the hill “Boč” near Slovenske Konjice. There grows an unique flower called “Velikonočnica” that grows only here, now around Easter time.

Sunny morning

April 4, 2010

One day this week I took some pics on my way to the parking before I went to work. It was a fresh, sunny morning when you can still see the clear picture of the sea and boats. Because when summer will come, this kind of pics would be impossible.

City garden

March 30, 2010

Some pics I took yesterday in my garden in the center of a little city where I live.



don’t know the name