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Super recept !

June 26, 2010

Recept (za dve osebi)

Tebe in mene, na hitro popraživa na jušni žlici simpatije.

Nato vse skupaj zalijeva z enim litrom kemije in pustiva vreti en mesec do dva.

V vsebino dodava še kilogram ljubezni in vse skupaj počasi kuhava eno polno življenje.

Vse skupaj začiniva z eno jušno žlico humorja.

Eno zvrhano žlico tolerance.

Obvezno dodava še cel strok medsebojne komunikacije in celo pest spoštovanja.

Tako pripravljeno jed postrežemo z otroki, kot obvezno prilogo.

K jedi se odlično prileže še steklenica staranega prijateljstva.

Pa dober tek!

vir: dajana & co.


Artist home / Jessica Zoob

June 19, 2010

The successful painter Jessica Zoob and her husband David, a theatre director, made the decision to leave London with their two daughters and move to Lewes in Sussex. They bought a contemporary terrace house with a garage. Having been a set designer Jessica turned this very small house into a light, airy and practical home for her family, and the garage next door into a light filled studio. She has also turned a nondescript back yard into a charming garden!

Paintings in hallway

Painting on modern living room wall

Tidy bedroom

Modern shower in bathroom

Wooden kitchen interior

source: narrative

Written and styled by Gabi Tubbs

Photographed by: Polly Eltes

Artist home / Margaret O’Rorke

June 19, 2010

“my kind of home”

Ceramist Margaret O Rorke lives and works in her fifteenth century hall house in Oxfordshire. The house is furnished with plain wooden doors, simple oak furniture and graphic artworks – all of which provide a contrast to Margaret’s dazzling, light-emitting porcelain creations.

Oak beamed kitchen with York stone flagstones with black Aga in Inglenook fireplace

Glazed ceramics displayed on wooden beam in plastered wall above wooden armchair and stool

Margaret porcelain light sculpture Vertical Pods hanging behind smoke covered open hearth Inglenook fireplace

Margaret O’Rorke sits beneath her hanging lights, Horizontal Pods, upstairs in her open plan living space of the oak beamed medieval farmhouse

source: Narrative

text: David Miles

photography: Jan Baldwin

Best price list

April 20, 2010

My neighbours has a special price list placed on their house. I pass there almost every day and I smile whenever I see it.

sea view – 0,30€

a breath of fresh air – 0,20€

admiring wisteria – 0,20€

smelling fishes – 0,30€

good mood 0,5L – 0,28€

mosquito bite – 0,15€

reading price list – 0,10€


Workspace Inspirations

April 18, 2010

Natural light is always the best choice in the workspace. Adore all the windows around and all the long tables, to have enough space to do different things – like some kind of multitasking. Different chairs and a sofa are obligatory :-)

Architect table for important projects.

A small workspace in the corner of a room. Well organized in one big sideboard.

A reading room beside the working space. Perfect.

Really well-organized shelfs helps to do things faster – you find what you are searching for anytime you need.

images: Douglas Friedman

inspiration home

April 9, 2010

Tine Kjeldsen is a designer that creates beautiful atmospheres. With her simple and clean style with minimalistic approach using sober colours I feel her taste very close.

via: sanctuary

“Vsake ščiat”

April 3, 2010

“Vsake ščiat” is a fair of antquities that take place every year (around Easter) in Izola, Slovenia. Exhibitors and visitors are mostly from Slovenia and Italy. City park “Pietro Coppo”, place called “Lonka”, and the lungomare are full of antiquities and old stuff.

Some impressions:


April 2, 2010

“Loesje is simultaneously a world wide collective of people who want to make the world a more positive creative place; and a girl from the Netherlands. The local Loesje groups write and spread posters signed by the girl Loesje, with texts about everything that happens in society. Loesje texts are mostly positive and funny, and at the same time critical, wanting to stimulate the viewers to see things from new perspectives, and take action in their own lives. Loesje texts are not trying to tell you what to think; instead they often invite to many different interpretations.”

The key words of Loesje are: Solidarity, Anti-authoritarian, Sexually free, Initiative, Decisive, A-religious and Independent”

Some posters of Loesje:

source: Loesje

Creative artist

April 1, 2010

The Selby is a fascinanting page with interesting and courious photos. The author is Todd Selby.

“His project The Selby offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail.”

source: The Selby