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Paper shoes

October 20, 2010

Jennifer Collier paper shoes

map shoes

pattern shoes

pattern baby shoes

source: Jennifer Collier

via: Made by hand











Send more chocolate

October 3, 2010

Therese Sennerholt is a freelance art director from Sweden and her side hobby is to produce graphic prints that I find inspiring.

source: Therese Sennerholt

Artist home / Jessica Zoob

June 19, 2010

The successful painter Jessica Zoob and her husband David, a theatre director, made the decision to leave London with their two daughters and move to Lewes in Sussex. They bought a contemporary terrace house with a garage. Having been a set designer Jessica turned this very small house into a light, airy and practical home for her family, and the garage next door into a light filled studio. She has also turned a nondescript back yard into a charming garden!

Paintings in hallway

Painting on modern living room wall

Tidy bedroom

Modern shower in bathroom

Wooden kitchen interior

source: narrative

Written and styled by Gabi Tubbs

Photographed by: Polly Eltes

Simple bags

May 14, 2010

The Sevedge magazine features makers in every issue of the magazine. They choose artists that fulfil their criteria of well-fashioned design, beautiful raw materials and integrity in the process of making. They have also gathered a select group of items that we can buy direct from Selvedge web page.

I choose some bags, because I adore the simplicity of beauty that they represent. I think also I choose those bags because now I am in the moment of searching the right pattern of bag I want to sew for myself. Maybe you’ll find the righ for you … :-)

Côté Bastide Accessories

stylish Fog Linen by Yumiko Sekine

linen bag, pencil case and purse by Lotta Jansson

by Tobias and the Angel

Blue Tote Bag by Daniela Gregis

by Luisa Cevese

via: selvedge

Cute birds

May 9, 2010

Some really cute birds are flying on web :-)

Who makes them? : Lauren Alane

via: Decor Demon

Type your question

May 7, 2010

I found something interesting today to free yourself.

Type a three word design question and manifestos on the page of  Design academy Eindhoven

Feel free to do it. Some how is liberating.

some examples:

Flower pots

May 7, 2010

If you like flowers as I do you know that there are never enough pots and that after a while you want to change them, because they become ugly, specially if they are placed outside home. Here are some ideas.

POTS ‘N’ BAGS by Meta&Renate

do not shake vase – source: Yanko Design

rice bags, by Recycle Recycle via cocomale

flower pot by Biome Lifestyle made of recycle tyres

Or you can just use a flower pot wrap or a pot cover

by The Cotton Potter

by  Funtific

Cute zoo

May 2, 2010

She likes animals in she draws them. Her mother realize the animals her daughter imagine.

Really cute :-)

Find more about her zoo: zoo di lana

via: frizzifrizzi

By hand

April 29, 2010

Small ceramic bowls made by hand. The author is an Australian artist Mel Robson.

How to Avoid Being Creative

April 22, 2010

1. Follow a routine every day, all the time, with everything you do.
2. Stick to what you already know.
3. Assume that your way of thinking is always right.
4. Only pretend to listen to other people’s ideas.
5. Believe that creativity cannot be learned.
6. Play it safe, avoid risks.
7. Ensure that you are never wrong.
8. Always think logically.
9. Critique while creating, not after.
10. Constantly copy other people’s ideas.
11. Believe that creativity is work, not fun.
12. Spend an irrational amount of time thinking about an idea before acting on it.
13. Never write down your ideas.
14. Do what has been proven to work, always.
15. Listen to the same genre of music and read the same types of books.
16. Pretend not to care about anything.
17. Remind yourself daily that you are not creative.
18. Never seek out creative inspiration.
19. Forget about observing the world around you.
20. Simply don’t think.

source: creative something