How to Avoid Being Creative

1. Follow a routine every day, all the time, with everything you do.
2. Stick to what you already know.
3. Assume that your way of thinking is always right.
4. Only pretend to listen to other people’s ideas.
5. Believe that creativity cannot be learned.
6. Play it safe, avoid risks.
7. Ensure that you are never wrong.
8. Always think logically.
9. Critique while creating, not after.
10. Constantly copy other people’s ideas.
11. Believe that creativity is work, not fun.
12. Spend an irrational amount of time thinking about an idea before acting on it.
13. Never write down your ideas.
14. Do what has been proven to work, always.
15. Listen to the same genre of music and read the same types of books.
16. Pretend not to care about anything.
17. Remind yourself daily that you are not creative.
18. Never seek out creative inspiration.
19. Forget about observing the world around you.
20. Simply don’t think.

source: creative something


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